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Welding Safety Equipment

Leather Welding Masks or 'Monkey Masks'
Leather Welding Masks
Also often referred to as 'monkey masks', these products are designed to provide protection and still allow the wearer access to more confined spaces. With intergrated flip-up shaded goggles. Kevlar stitched. Flexible tanned leather is kind to your skin. Available in 2 sizes. +F indicates with optional side flaps.

60EF813000 Leather Mask - Standard
60EF813001 Leather Mask - Standard +F
60EF813010  Leather Mask - XL 
60EF813011 Leather Mask - XL +F 
60ESF4007 Chrome Lthr Skull Cap

Chrome Leather Welding Jackets
Chrome Leather Jackets
Worn over garments to protect upper body & arms from spatter, sparks and heat. High quality chrome leather. Velcro and popper fasteners with covering flap. 4 sizes available. CE approved to EN470.

60ESF4004 Chrome Lthr Jacket - M
60ESF4005 Chrome Lthr Jacket - L
60ESF4008 Chrome Lthr Jacket - XL
60ESF4010  Chrome Lthr Jacket - XXL

Chrome Leather Welding Aprons
Chrome Leather Aprons
Worn over clothes to protect the wearer from spatter, sparks and heat. Supplied with ties. Made from quality chrome leather. Available in small 36" and large 42" sizes. Versions available with a buckle and strap. All CE approved to EN470.

60ESF4003 Apron - 36"
60ESF4003BCK Apron - 36" complete
with Buckle & Strap
60ESF4009 Apron - 42"

Chrome Leather Welding Sleeve
Chrome Leather Sleeve
Worn over the welders foot and lower leg to protect their shoes and trousers from sparks, spatter and heat generated from welding and industrial applications. Two sizes available. Standard has a velcro seam, Large has buckles. CE approved.

60ESF4006 Standard Sleeve (each)
60ESF4006L Large Sleeve (each)

Chrome Leather Welders Knee Pad
Chrome Leather Knee Pad
Often a welder will need to weld kneeling down. This can often be uncomfortable and substances or objects on the floor can cause damage to the welders clothes. To help overcome this, a knee pad is available. Made from chrome leather, the kneepad is hard-wearing and cushioned by an inner pad. One size.

60ESF240006 Knee Pad (each)

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