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Accessories for TIG Welding

Protective Blankets
Protective Blankets for TIG Welding
1100gsm woven glass fibre fabric with silicon coating. 1m x 1m. Very flexible Highly tear and abrasion resistance. Will support 35g @ 14500C. Meets EN532 & 407.

60ESF5001 Protective Blanket 1m2

Welding Curtains & Multi-size Frame

Welding Curtains & Multi-size Frame for TIG Welding

EZ-Frame is an easy to assemble, universal portable curtain frame system that can accommodate a range of curtain sizes. With a fixed 6ft height, the EZ-Frame's width can be adjusted to 4ft, 6ft and 8ft. A range of curtains are available in a choice of 3 materials; flame retardant green canvas, low visibility dark green PVC (for MIG, TIG and Stick) and high visibility amber (for Oxy/Fuel and Plasma). All of these curtains are offered in 3 sizes; 6ft x 4ft, 6ft x 6ft and 6ft x 8ft. All our curtains meet the requirements of EN1598 and are supplied with top eyelets and side envelope seams to suit a variety of methods for mounting to frames, bars, etc.

60EZFRAME Multi-Sized EZ-Frame
60EZ6X4C Curtain - Canvas 6 x 4ft
60EZ6X4LG Curtain - Green PVC 6 x 4ft
60EZ6X4HA  Curtain - Amber PVC 6 x 4ft 
60EZ6X6C  Curtain - Canvas - 6ft x 6ft 
60EZ6X6LG  Curtain - Green PVC - 6x 6ft 
60EZ6X6HA  Curtain - Amber PVC - 6 x 6ft 
60EZ6X8C  Curtain - Canvas - 6ft x 8ft 
60EZ6X8LG  Curtain - Green PVC - 6 x 8ft 
60EZ6X8HA Curtain - Amber PVC - 6 x 8ft 

Economy Welding Frames
Economy Welding Frames for TIG Welding

A range of low-cost, lightweight, portable welding frames, manufactured from galvanised steel box section for enhanced strength. They are capable of accommodating welding curtains that are attached to the top horizontal bar by split rings passed through the eyelets in our range of curtains. Shipped flat-packed and easy to assemble the economy portable welding frames have a standard height of 6ft and are available in a choice of three widths; 4ft, 6ft and 8ft. Split rings are also available. 1 per foot.

60EZ223000 Economy Frame - 6ft x 4ft
60EZ223005 Economy Frame - 6ft x 6ft 
60EZ223010  Economy Frame - 6ft x 8ft 
60EZRING51  Split Ring 


Welding Gloves and Hats

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