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TIG Welding Accessories

Pickling Paste
Pickling Paste for TIG Welding
By chemically removing weld oxide, burn marks, iron ingress and surface rust, the appearance and service life of stainless steel is greatly improved by these products. Under the Avesta brand of pickling pastes, 3 products are available: The 101, the standard, most popular type, with a thick consistency and good adhesion; the 122, a stronger and more free- flowing version of the 101; and the 130 Blue, a revolutionary pickling paste virtually free from toxic, nitric fumes. All are available in 2.6kg jars.

60EEP264000 Avesta 101 - 2.6kg Jar
60EEP264010 Avesta 122 - 2.6kg Jar 
60EEP264020  Avesta 130 - 2.6kg Jar 

Argon Flowmeters

Argon Flowmeters for TIG Welding


The flowmeter is designed to be fitted to the outlet of a regulator to provide greater control of the flow of the shielding gas used in TIG and MIG welding. Two models are available, the first rated at 0 to 15 litres per minute (63 cf/h), the second rated at 0 to 40 litres per minute (84 cf/h). Both have a 3/8" BSP right-hand threaded female inlet and a 3/8" BSP right-hand threaded male outlet and can service a maximum inlet pressure of 2 bar. They should be used with argon or Ar/CO2 mix shielding gas. These flowmeters are ideal where accuracy and reliability of flow rate are essential. Both are British Made.


60AU200B Flowmeter - 0-15LPM
60AU300B Flowmeter - 0-40LPM

Single-Stage 1 Gauge Regulators
Single-Stage 1 Gauge Regulators for TIG Welding


This simple regulator is designed to allow basic control of shielding gas flow and to indicate bottle contents. It has a5/8" BSP inlet fitting and a 3/8" BSP outlet fitting andshould be used with either an argon or mixed Ar/CO2 gas cylinder. The output pressure can be set by following the basic markings on the knob and the bottle contents are shown via the top-mounted gauge. This is considered a more economical option, where the accuracy and reliability of pressure is not essential. A flowmeter can be attached to govern flow.


60AE2005W Single-Stage 1 Regulator

Multi-Stage 2 Gauge Regulators
Multi-Stage 2 Gauge Regulators for TIG Welding


These regulators are designed to allow control of shielding gas flow and provide more accuracy and control over pressure. They have a 5/8" BSP inlet fitting and a 3/8" BSP outlet fitting. Models are available to suit argon and helium (which is often used when welding aluminium). One gauge shows pressure and the other shows bottle contents. These regulators are British Made and will service a 300 Bar cylinder. Both the helium regulator and the argon regulator have a 7 bar maximum output.


60AE7005W Multi-Stage 2-Gauge Argon
60AE7010W Multi-Stage 2-Gauge Helium

Clear Braded Hose
Clear Braded Hose for TIG Welding


Clear braided hose is a very popular and versatile hose product. Often used in water recirculation attached to cooler inlet and outlet fittings, or as an alternative to using the proper black argon hose for the short transport of inert shielding gases from regulator to MIG or TIG machine. Available on a 30m coil, or by the metre.


60BY216000 Braided Hose 6mm x 30m
60BY216000P Braided Hose 6mm Per Mtr
60BY216005 Braided Hose 8mm x 30m
60BY216010 Braided Hose 10mm x 30m

TIG Adaptor
TIG Adaptor for TIG Welding


An essential item for use with 'mono' style torches for connecting power and shielding gas supply. 'DIN' type power and 3/8" gas fittings 


60RZ1625TA  16mm - 25mm Type
60RZ3595TA 35mm - 95mm Type

Small Parts Brush
 Small Parts Brush for TIG Welding


A small, wooden-handled brush with stainless steel bristles for cleaning dirt and carbon deposits from TIG torch parts, etc. Although TIG is a comparatively clean process, the build-up of dirt and deposits can restrict the flow of shielding gas, impair high frequency and reduce your weld quality. 


60RWWB-15 S/Steel Small Parts Brush


More Accessories for TIG Welders

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