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TIG Welding Accessories

Turntable for TIG Welders
Helps you to lay down an accurate circular weld, without the need to manually rotate the weld metal. 300mm dia turntable. Adjust to any angle from horizontal to right-angle. Supports 10kg at (900) and 50kg at 1800). Clockwise or anticlockwise rotation, adjust to a maximum of 10 turns per minute. Supplied with a full-feature control console incorporating inch and latch start control, speed adjustment and port for connecting a remote foot or hand control. Requires a 230v 1ph mains supply and runs at 250W power.

60TWN802331 Turntable Package

Foot Controls

Foot Controls for TIG Welders


As TIG welding is a process that can require the use of both hands, many skilled welders will often favour the use of a foot control for adjusting the current during welding. Also, the turntable package has the ability to be controlled remotely by a foot control. 2 models are available. The first will suit the TIG 160. The second will suit the TIG 165 DC HF and the turntable.


60TWN802017 For 155/172/180/241/242
60TWN802210 For 165

Mild Steel TIG Rods
Mild Steel TIG Rods for TIG Welders


A17 is a low-carbon, double de-oxidised copper-coated mild steel TIG welding rod. A15 is a general purpose, triple de-oxidised copper-coated mild steel TIG welding rod. Both are made to BS2901 Part 1.


60FR1501650 1.6mm A15 Rods 5kg
60FR1502450 2.4mm A15 Rods 5kg
60FR1503250 3.2mm A15 Rods 5kg 
60FR1701650 1.6mm A17 Rods 5kg 
60FR1702450 2.4mm A17 Rods 5kg 
60FR1703250 3.2mm A17 Rods 5kg 

Stainless Steel TIG Rods
Stainless Steel TIG Rods for TIG Welders


Our stainless steel rod is offered in the two popular industrial grades, 308L and 316L. Other grades available on request. Made to BS2901 Part 2. Can also be used for Oxy Fuel Gas welding.


60FR3081650 1.6mm 308L Rods 5kg
60FR3082450 2.4mm 308L Rods 5kg
60FR3083250 3.2mm 308L Rods 5kg 
60FR3161050  1.0mm 316L Rods 5kg 
60FR3161650  1.6mm 316L Rods 5kg 
60FR3162450  2.4mm 316L Rods 5kg 
60FR3163250  3.2mm 316L Rods 5kg 

Tungstens for TIG Welders


Used as the electrode to strike and maintain a TIG welding arc. They are available in 'red-tip' Thoriated (DC negative) for mild & stainless steel etc, 'grey-tip' Ceriated (AC & DC) for a range of ferrous and non-ferrous metals - with excellent ignition performance and 'black-tip' Lanthanated (AC & DC) for ferrous and non-ferrous metals - with good re-ignition properties. All are offered in 1.6mm, 2.4mm & 3.2mm diameter versions, in 150mm lengths and are sold in packs of 10 Other diameters are available on request.


60HP16116P 1.6mm Thoriated (Red Tip) Tungstens Pk 10
60HP16124P 2.4mm Thoriated (Red Tip) Tungstens Pk 10
60HP16132P 3.2mm Thoriated (Red Tip) Tungstens Pk 10
60HP16316P 1.6mm Ceriated (Grey Tip) Tungstens Pk 10 
60HP16324P  2.4mm Ceriated (Grey Tip) Tungstens Pk 10 
60HP16332P 3.2mm Ceriated (Grey Tip) Tungstens Pk 10 
60HP16516P  1.6mm Lanthanated (Blk Tip) Tungstens Pk 10 
60HP16524P  2.4mm Lanthanated (Blk Tip) Tungstens Pk 10
60HP16532P 3.2mm Lanthanated (Blk Tip) Tungstens Pk 10 


More Accessories for TIG Welders

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