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OXY/FUEL Welding Accessories

Retractable Hose Reels
Retractable Hose Reels for OXY/FUEL Welders
Solid, durable hose reels supplied with 15m hoses already installed with a choice of 2 shank fittings. Hoses from the flashback arrestors should be fitted to the two 3/8" BSP inlet fittings. The reels retract the hoses automatically and can be wall-mounted using the fitting bracket supplied.

60BWREEL614 Reel c/w 15m x 6mm x 1/4"
60BWREEL638 Reel c/w 15m x 6mm x 3/8"

Welding and Cutting Boxed Sets
Welding and Cutting Boxed Sets for OXY/FUEL Welders


Complete welding or welding and cutting kits containing all necessary torch-end parts and a number of accessories. Packed safely inside a durable, plastic foaminsulated case, these kit boxes include a shank, mixer and cutting attachment (if required) together with a range of nozzles, a cleaner and a bottle spanner.


60BBHDKIT HD Kit Welding & Cutting
60BBLWKIT LW Kit Welding & Cutting
60BBLWKITWLD LW Kit Welding Only

Cylinder Trolleys
Cylinder Trolleys for OXY/FUEL Welders


Cylinder trolleys of a fully welded construction to suit a variety of popular cylinder combinations. These trolleys feature either solid tyre or 16in pneumatic wheels and a galvanised chain. Models to accommodate a range of bottle sizes are available.


60DZ10001 Oxy/Acetylene Solid Tyre
60DZ10001PN Oxy/Acetylene 16in Pneu
60DZ10002 Oxy/Propane Solid Tyre
60DZ10002PN  Oxy/Propane 16in Pneu
60DZ10003  Single Cylinder Solid Tyre 
60DZ10003PN Single Cylinder 16in Pneu 
60DZ10004  Small Portable Solid Tyre 
60DZ10005 Large Portable Solid Tyre 

Portable Gas Packages
Portable Gas Packages for OXY/FUEL Welders


These units are complete equipment packages for oxy/fuel welding and cutting. They contain regulators, Flashback Arrestors, a shank, mixer, cutting attachment, hoses, a selection of nozzles, tools, goggles and a trolley The package only excludes gas bottles, which are available from your local gas distributor or cylinder centre.


60BB1007 HDstyle Portable Package
60BB2007 LWstyle Portable Package


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