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Accessories for MIG Welding

Anti Spatter Paints
Anti Spatter Paints for MIG Welding
A water based silicone -free, non-flammable anti-spatter solution that does not contain harmful solvents which can smoke and produce harmful fumes. Does not affect weld porosity. Use to prolong tip & shroud life and to prevent adhesion of weld spatter to the area surrounding the weld zone. It is available in a full range of container types and sizes from 400ml spray to a 25ltr bulk drum.

60EG1001W 400ml Spray
60EG1001WB 400ml Spray x 24
60EG1001100W 1ltr Trigger Spray
60EG10015000 5ltr Bulk Bottle
60EG1001BLK 25ltr Bulk Drum

Tip-Dip Gel
Tip Dip Gel for MIG Welding


Tip-dip gel is used in MIG welding to help prevent the build up of welding spatter on your contact tips and shrouds. Our 'Contact-Clean' tip-dip is supplied in hard-wearing tins - ideal for use in workshop environments. Just dip your warm MIG torch into the gel to protect it. The gel is a red colour and contains no harmful solvents, which can smoke and fume. Tip-dip gel is available in 2 sizes of tin, a handy 225g version and a larger 500g version.


60EG1002 Tip-Dip Gel - 225g
60EG1003 Tip-Dip Gel - 500g

MIG Wire Cleaning Pads
MIG Wire Cleaning Pads


Engineered to clean & lubricate MIG wire as it passes throught the wire- feeder. The red cleaning pads suit all wires. The black pads clean & lubricate mild steels. Cleaner wire feeds more easily & increases tip and liner life.


60EWA007060 Wire Pads - M/Steel Pk6
60WEA007061 Wire Pads - All wires Pk6

Mild Steel Wire
Mild Steel MIG wire


A popular A18 grade double de-oxidised copper coated mild steel wire in a range of diameters and popular sizes. L = Layer Wound


60VZ180607 0.6mm x 0.7kg reel
60VZ180650 0.6mm 5kg reel
60VZ180615R 0.6mm x 15kg reel
60VZ180807 0.8mm x 0.7kg reel
60VZ180850 0.8mm x 5kg reel
60VZ180815L 0.8mm x 15kg reel
60VZ181015L 1.0mm x 15kg reel
60VZ181215L 1.2mm x 15kg reel

Stainless & Aluminium MIG Wire
Stainless & Aluminium MIG Wire


A range of the most popular grades of stainless steel MIG wire; 308L and 316L. Two diameters are available (0.8mm & 1.0mm) in a choice of 2 spool sizes (0.9kg and 4.5kg). All of our stainless wires are manufactured to the content specifications of BS 2901.


60GZ30808090 0.8mm x 0.9kg 308L
60GZ30808450 0.8mm x 4.5kg 308L
60GZ30810090 1.0mm x 0.9kg 308L
60GZ30810450 1.0mm x 4.5kg 308L
60GZ31608090 0.8mm x 0.9kg 316L
60GZ31608450 0.8mm x 4.5kg 316L
60GZ31610090 1.0mm x 0.9kg 316L
60GZ31610450 1.0mm x 4.5kg 316L

Spool Hub Adaptor
Spool Hub Adaptor for MIG welding


Allows a small 1/2kg spool of wire to be used on a wirefeed system with a 15kg hub. Ideal for small jobs, demonstrations etc, where use of a large reel would not be practical or economical.


60SHW1001 Spool Hub Adaptor

Disposable Gas Cylinders
Disposable Argon, CO2 and Argon/CO2 mix mini shielding gas cylinders


A range of Argon, CO2 and Argon/CO2 mix mini shielding gas cylinders which are typically used with portable MIG and TIG welding machines or as an alternative to industrial cylinders. Two sizes are available; a 390g version and a 600g version. They feature 1/8" BSP fittings.


60TWN802038 CO2 390g
60TWN802038L CO2 600g
60TWN802048 Argon/CO2 390g
60TWN802048L Argon/CO2 600g
60TWN802050 Argon 390g
60TWN802050L Argon 600g

MIG Rack
MIG Rack worshop aid


This ideal workshop add-on sits over your gas cylinder and has hooks and holders for your torch, anti-spatter spray, helmet, hoses etc. It makes an essential addition to your welding equipment setup and helps you to keep tidy and well-organised.


60DZ10006 MIG Rack

MIG "Helper" Pliers
"Helper" Pliers for MIG welding


Performs many tasks to aid smooth MIG welding, including removal of spatter from in and around the shroud, drawing out and cutting off wire, fitting and removing contact tips and shrouds. These pliers are both comfortable and durable in use.


60ET001W MIG "Helper" Pliers

Magnetic Support Bracket
Magnetic Support Bracket for MIG welding


Holds the workpieces at a variety of angles while you weld. Strong magnet and rugged, durable body. Ideal for all welding.


60ET001002 Magnetic Support Bracket

Mild Steel Wire BrushesMild Steel Wire Brushes for MIG Welding


An essential weld cleaning and preparation tool with strong mild steel bristles in a smooth, shaped wooden handle. Available in 3 types with 2 rows, 3 rows and 4 rows.


60EW0100 2 Row Mild Steel Brush
60EW0103 3 Row Mild Steel Brush
60EW0104  4 Row Mild Steel Brush

Stainless Steel Wire Brushes
Stainless Steel Wire Brushes for MIG welding


Features strong stainless steel bristles in a smooth, shaped wooden handle. Used to reduce the risk of contaminating a stainless steel weld.


60EW0102SS 2 Row Stainless Steel Brush
60EW0103SS 3 Row Stainless Steel Brush
60EW0104SSHD  4 Row Stainless Steel Brush


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