Sliding Door Hardware

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Handles & Door Stops


We recommend a combination of bow handles and flush pulls.

The latter are required on the side of the door which slides flush to a wall or the opposing faces of double doors.

The handles are manufactured from zinc plated steel.

Bow Handles

Sliding Door Hardware - Bow Handles

Bow Handle 41561
A - 230mm     Dia - 20mm

Bow Handle 41564
A - 345mm     Dia - 28mm

Flush Pulls

Sliding Door Hardware - Flush Pulls

Flush Pull 41511F
W - 52mm     H - 115mm

Flush Pull 41501F
W - 90mm     H - 200mm


Sliding Door Hardware - Handles and Flush Pulls

Overall depth - 19mm

Door Stops and Track Stops

These must be fitted to ensure safe operation of the door. We suggest track stops for most applications but for external doors over 3m high we recommend an extra ground / wall stop is fitted.

Ground/Wall Door Stop
Track Stop
Track Stop
Track Stop
Sliding Door Hardware - Ground/Wall Door Stop 41p Sliding Door Hardware - Track Stop  41KPP075 Sliding Door Hardware - Track Stop 41KP150 Sliding Door Hardware - Track Stop 41KP300 and 41KP500

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