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We are advised that normal and proper use of these perimeter security products does not amount to a criminal offence.

So far as civil liability is concerned, customers are entitled to take reasonable precautions to protect their property, provided they do not set out to use a hidden trap for such purpose.


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We therefore advise our customers to adopt the following procedures when using the products:

Ensure that all security products are located in a prominent position so that it can be seen by any person approaching - e.g. on top of an existing fence, wall or roof, or inside an outer fence.
Display a warning sign (see our Security Accessories page)
Ensure that warning signs are visible at night

By adopting the above approach, our customers should avoid all possibility of legal action in the event of personal injury.

However, it is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that the use to which the product is put does not infringe the criminal or civil law, and F.H.Brundle cannot accept any liability in the event of such infringement.



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