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Anti-Scaling Cacti Spikes

Anti-Scaling Cacti Spikes

Cacti Spikes are manufactured from a Nylon product which is combined with certain additives, also embedded within the Cacti is a metal spike. The Cacti has been designed with acute edges and maximum impaling projections of 50mm.

These spikes are mounted on a nylon tube, alternating large, small, large, small with Cacti washers as packers which makes these elements virtually maintenance free.

This in turn is mounted on a steel axle which is welded to support brackets which are located at 1 metre intervals (standard Cacti supply length). Brackets are normally manufactured from 50mm x 10mm flat (BS 4360 GRD 43A) and supplied galvanised.

In special instances the metal element can be removed from the Cacti Spike and a non-metallic axle supplied.

  • Manufactured from Self Coloured Nylon 6
  • Standard colours include Black, Grey, Green, Brown, Blue and Red. Other colours available on request
  • Virtually maintenance free
  • Lightweight - easy to handle and install
  • Withstands exposure to extreme temperatures
  • Life expectancy is anticipated to be in
    excess of 10 years

Anti-Scaling Cacti Spike Installation

Please supply the following information:
1. Length of run in metres
2. Colour required
3. Whether or not 12mm round axle bar is required
4. Type and quantity of fixing brackets needed
5. Quantity of Cacti warning signs required

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