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Spin Guard Security System  

Spin Guard Security System

Our Spin Guard anti-climb system is durable and easy to install, providing an inexpensive and long lasting alternative to more conventional systems such as razor wire or broken glass. Unique in design, it is manufactured from a technically complex high tensile alloy, making it robust, tough and corrosion resistant.

The system is lightweight and easy to install, and consists of a series of curved vanes each revolving freely around a central shaft to create an unstable barrier which rotates if anyone attempts to climb over it.

It is designed not to cause harm or injury but to simply roll away and consequently does not breach the Health and Safety at Work Act, COSHH regulations or any other civil or criminal laws.

A clear warning, Spin Guard is a formidable deterrent to any potential intruder and is the perfect anti-climb security solution to a wide range of commercial, industrial and domestic applications such as:

  • Industrial and commercial premises
  • Vehicle parking areas
  • Sports and leisure areas
  • Schools
  • Domestic properties
  • Fences, walls, gates and steel palisade

Spin Guard  fitted on top of wallSpin Guard anti-climb system is suitable for walls

 Spin Guard fitted  underneath guttering.
Semi circular protector - security solutions for posts, poles or drainpipes

Spin Guard fitted on top of  palisade fenceSpin Guard can be fitted to the top of fences

How to Order (order code in brackets)

To calculate components required:
Multiply metre run by 14 = No of Vanes (400002)
Divide metre run by 2 = No of Spindles (400003)
Take number of Spindles + 1 = No of Cranked Brackets (400004)
Take number of Brackets - 2 = No of Internal Connectors (400005)
Take number of Brackets multiply by 2 = No of M8 Bolts (16248)


Other Parts (order code)

Corner Piece (400006)
Semi-C Protector (400008)
Circ Electricity Pole (400009)
Straight Bracket (400011)


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