Paint and Sundries

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Paint and Sundries

High Build Vinyl Paint

Col Code Size Order Code
Full Gloss Black  A  5 litres 29000
Semi-Gloss Black  B  5 litres 29001
Semi-Gloss Black  B  2.5 litres 29001B
Satin Finish Black  C  5 litres 29010
Satin Finish Black Spray Can  C  400ml 29010A
Graphite Grey  D  5 litres 29006
Graphite Grey  D  2.5 29006B
Green  E  5 litres 29015


High Build Vinyl Paint - Full Gloss BlackA High Build Vinyl Paint - Semi Gloss BlackB High Build Vinyl Paint - Satin Finish BlackC
High Build Vinyl Paint - Graphite GreyD High Build Vinyl Paint - GreenE click on image
for a larger
paint sample

Hammer Finish Paint

  Col Code Size Order Code
Hammered Black  F  1 litre 29H1B
Hammered Black  F  5 litres 29H5B
Hammered Silver grey  G  1 litre 29H1SG
Hammered Silver grey  G  5 litres 29H5SG
Hammered Pearl Black  H  1 litre 29H1PB
Hammered Pearl Black  H  5 litres 29H5PB
Hammered Gold  I  2.5 litres 29H1G

Hammer Finish Paint - BlackF Hammer Finish Paint -Silver GreyG Hammer Finish Paint - Pearl BlackH Hammer Finish Paint - GoldI
click on image for a larger paint sample

Patina Paints

  Col Code Size Order Code
Gold Antique finish  J  200 ml 16.046
Copper Antique finish  K  200 ml 16.047
Green Antique finish  L  200 ml 16.048
Silver Antique finish  M  200 ml 16.049


Patina Paint - Gold Antique FinishJ Patina Paint - Copper Antique FinishK Patina Paint - Green Antique FinishL Patina Paint - Silver Antique FinishM
click on image for a larger paint sample

Protective Finishes

  Col Code Size Order Code
Red Oxide Paint  N  5 litres 2904
Red Oxide Paint  N  2.5 litres 2905
Red Oxide Paint  N  20 litres 290420
Grey Oxide Paint  O  5 litres 2906
Grey Oxide Paint  O  2.5 litres 2907

Our Oxide Anti-Rust Primer for use on clean or lightly rusted metal
is quick drying and overcoatable with most paints.

Thinners 5 litres Code: 29002

We regret that we cannot accept liability for the inappropriate use of these products. Further technical information is available on request

Protective Finishes - Red Oxide PaintN Protective Finishes - Grey Oxide PaintO
click on image for a larger paint sample

2903 29A006A 29A003A 29A001A 29A008A 29A011A 29A012A

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