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The Beecher Bender range

Easy to design - using this range of tools it has never been easier to design and make the widest range of decorative metal items such as gates, security grilles, furniture etc. The only limit is your imagination and design skill.

Top quality - the tools are solidly built to last, designed by a metalworker for metalworkers. They are equally suitable for the professional or for those who take their hobby of metalworking seriously

Versatile - tools in the range will cut, scroll, bend and roll

Easy to use - the tools come with easy to follow instructions and are carefully designed to be easy to use - no heat required

Wherever there is metalworking, a Beecher Bender tool will be an invaluable addition.



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Beecher Bender - Demosstation Videos

If you would like to know more about the Beecher Bender range
ask for our demonstration video
refundable when you order one
of our Beecher Bender tools

4302 - Scrolling Tool

Beecher Bender - 4302 - Scrolling Tool

The number one scrolling tool - accurate scroll forming is not a problem. Just mark the disc for the size required and stop at the mark each time. This enables every scroll to be the same size.

The high speed, spring loaded mechanism leaves old fashioned, out dated, horizontal, hand forming jigs standing!

These tools are bench mounted. Major parts are cast in hard wearing SG iron


4303 - Cut 'n' Scroll Tool

Beecher Bender - 4303 - Cut 'n' Scroll Tool

The cut 'n' scroll tool - produces scrolls in the time it takes to read this! 13 tonnes of shearing power

Scrolls steel up to 25x3mm and up to 20x5mm max

Cuts up to 25x6mm flat or 10mm round bar

Bench mounted with major parts are cast in hard wearing SG iron

4301 - Arch & Circle Rolling Tool

Beecher Bender - 4301 - Arch & Circle Rolling Tool

For gates and railings. Will roll up to 30x10mm solid steel bar. Minimum circle size 250mm using 25x6mm bar


4305 - Bender

Beecher Bender - 4305 - Bender

Bends up to 30x6mm flat steel and 12mm square or round bar.

Beecher Bender - 4304 - Metalworker Plus  

4304 - Metalworker Plus

Bend it, shape it any way you want it! - scroll, cut and bend using just one machine. Robust and powerful - will cut steel up to 25x6mm flat and 10mm round. Scrolls metal up to 25x3mm, 20x5mm max. Bends metal up to 25x5mm.

Beecher Bender tools represent "the best you can get" for value, performance and quality

Designed for bench mounting with major parts cast in hard wearing SG iron - all models Patent Pending


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