Steel Fencing

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Wrought Iron Components
Wire Mesh & Edging Sections
Tube Clamps & Tube
Expanded Metal
Perforated Metal
Flooring & Gratings
Steel Fencing Products
Perimeter Security
Roof Edge Protection
Gate Automation
Cantilever Gate Accessories
Sliding Door Hardware
Welding Products
Steel Sections
Channel Support
Steel Wire
Post Boxes
Paint and Sundries

Palisade Fencing


Nylofor Fence Panel Systems
Nylofor 3-M Fencing Panel System
Nylofor 3D Panel System
Assembly / Fixing of Nylofor 3-M, 3D Panels
Nylofor 2D Panel System
Nylofor 2D Super Panel System
Assembly / Fixing of Nylofor 2D Super Panels

Paladin Weldmesh Panels
Paladin Classic Weldmesh Panel System
Assembly / Fixing of Paladin Classic Panels
Paladin FX Weldmesh Panel System

Roll Top Fence Panels
Roll Top Fencing Panels

Twilfix 2000 Post System
Twilfix 2000 Fixing Brackets

Securifor High Security Panels
Securifor 3D High Security Fencing Panel System
Securifor 2D High Security Panels
Securifor Posts & Brackets for 3D and 2D Systems
Securifor 358 Maximum Security Fencing System
Securifor Super 6 Ultimate Security Fencing System
Bolt Through Posts for Securifor 358 and Super 6

Bow Top Fence Panels
Bow Top Railing Components and Kits

Sentinel Railing & Fencing Systems
Sentinel Child Safe, Bow Top and Convex
Sentinel Multi Games Systems

Palisade Fencing
Steel Palisade Security Fencing
Palisade Fencing Ordering & Fixing Informaton

Expanded Metal Fencing Systems
Diamond Pattern Expanded Metal Fencing
Super Security Pattern Expanded Metal Fencing

Temporary Fencing
Anti-Climb Panels and Pedestrian Barriers

Crash Barriers
Crash Barrier Beams and Posts
Crash Barrier Components

We offer an extremely wide range of steel fencing products, including Nylofor Fence Panel Sytems, Paladin® Weldmesh Panels, Securifor® High Security Panels, Palisade Fencing, Expanded Metal Fencing Systems, Chain Link Fencing, Wire Netting and Stock Fencing.

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A variety of perimeter security products including Anti-Scaling Barriers, Wall Spikes and Barbed Products is also available - see our Perimeter Security section for more details.

Please follow the links below for more information - if you have any special requirements, don't hesitate to ask for technical assistance


Chain Link Fencing
Green PVC Coated / Bright Core
Green PVC Coated / Galvanised Core
Support Line Wires & Chain Link Line Wires
Chain Link Fencing - Erection Guide 1, 2, 3

Galvanised Security Fencing
Galvanised Weldmesh Security Fencing Rolls
Galvanised & PVC Coated Security Fencing
Galvanised Plain Fencing Wire

Galvanised Wire Netting
General Purpose Wire Netting
Galvanised Barbed Wire
Sentinel Staples

Sentinel and Rylock Stock Fencing
Sentinel Galvanised Stock Fence
Rylock Green Stock Fence

Other Roll Fencing
Cleft Chestnut Pale Fencing
Green Mono Debris Netting
Orange Safety Fencing

Other Mesh Products
Gabion Systems

Fencing Tools
Fencing Pliers, Cutters and Mauls
Shuv-Holers, Post Holers and Post Drivers
Wire Reels, Gripple Systems, Wirelinks & Vices
Wire Strainers & Clipping Guns

 Chain Link Fencing and Barbed Wire

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