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Twilfix® 2000 Post System

Posts are manufactured from 60 x 60 x 2mm square hollow section and fitted with
M8 threaded inserts for securing the panels.

Polyester coated with a galvanised substrate. Available with Flat or Pyramid Top Caps.

Twilfix 2000 Posts are suitable for use with the following fence panels:
Nylofor® 2D and 2D Super
Nylofor® 3-M, Nylofor® 3D, Nylofor® 3D Super , Nylofor® 3D Pro
Paladin Classic®, Paladin FX®
Roll Top®

Posts are supplied with top caps, but fixing brackets and bolts should be ordered separately

Fence Height

Intermediate/End Posts

Corner Posts
 Post Weight Number
of fixings 

 Product Code
 Post Weight Number
of fixings 

 Product Code
0.9 m 1500mm  5.4 kg  6 56BOX09I  5.7 kg  6 56BOX09C
1.0 m 1500mm  5.4 kg  6 56BOX10I  5.7 kg  6 56BOX10C
1.2 m 1800mm   6.4 kg 8 56BOX12I  6.8 kg 8 56BOX12C
1.5 m 2100mm  7.5 kg 8 56BOX15I 7.8 kg 8 56BOX15C
1.7 m 2400mm   8.5 kg 10 56BOX17I  8.5 kg 10 56BOX17C
1.8 m 2500mm 8.9 kg 10 56BOX18I 9.3 kg 10 56BOX18C
2.0 m 2700mm   9.6 kg 12 56BOX20I  10.0 kg 12 56BOX20C
2.4 m 3100mm   11.0 kg  14 56BOX24I  11.4 kg  14 56BOX24C

When ordering, please add B for black or G for green to Product Code


Fixing Brackets for Twilfix Post System

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