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540 Drivall Wire Reel

Spinning Jenny Pattern. This fully collapsible reel is ready in seconds to make sure you avoid those rook's nest of wire, when there's an emergency repair to make. This model has a drive in spike, cambrake, to reduce over-run, and an adjustable setting for all standard coil sizes. Takes up very little space in the vehicle.   Order Code: 080622


540 Drivall Wire Reel - Spinning Jenny Pattern


Gripple Tensioning System    Gripple Tensioning Tool

Gripple Tensioning Tool - Order Code: 09FA500
Accepts wire diameters from 1.00 - 7.00mm


Wirelink wire joiner
Widely used on all types of fencing to join wire, including high tensile. Takes both 3.15mm and 2.50mm wire. The jaws inside the Wirelink grip the wire and hold it under tension. Restraining is a simple matter. Order Code: 09FA10

Wire Vice
Wire Vice Wire Strainer
For holding wire under tension on end posts. Widely used on all types of fencing including high tensile. Takes both 3.15mm and 2.50mm wire. For use when straining the wire through a hole in a strainer post. Order Code: 09FA09


Gripple® Tensioning System

The Gripple is a small but extremely powerful device that creates a join as strong as the wire itself. To join two wires, they are simply pushed through either end of the Gripple. In this direction they travel freely, but the moment any tension is applied gear toothed rollers lock tight. However, the wire can still be tensioned in the original direction. The Grippler tensioning tool completes the system. Its powerful lever action pushes against the Gripple and pulls the wire through applying a maximum pull load of 300kg. This is the ideal system for repair, retensioning and maintenance of wire fencing.

Medium Gripple (Packs of 20) - Order Code: 09FA01
Mild Steel: 2.00 - 3.25 mm Working Load 350kg.
High Tensile: 2.00 - 2.85mm   Barbed Wire: 2.00 x 1.70mm

Large Gripple (Packs of 20) - Order Code: 09FA02
Working Load 150kg. Mild Steel: 2.70 - 4.30 mm
Barbed Wire: 2.00 x 2.50mm




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