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Fencing Tools and Accessories


Post Holer

Shuv-Holers are unique holedigging tools, fifty percent quicker and much easier than digging with a spade. Deep holes can be sunk with smaller diameters, so less filling and ramming is required.

Heavy Duty Mark 2 - Wooden handle. For heavy ground, contracting etc. Order Code: 080632
Heavy Duty Mark 2 Steel
- For use where extra handle strength is required. Order Code: 080633
Spare Handles
36" Wood (Mark 2 only) Code: 080627
42" Wood - Code: 080626
54" Wood - Code: 080628


Post Holer
Ideal for digging holes for gate posts, etc. The Post-Holer will dig a parallel hole, minimum size 8", down to a depth of 4 feet. It is of rugged construction with all steel tubular handles and narrow high carbon forged blades. Order Code: 080636


Post Knocker
This is a lighter version of the Drivall post driver size 5 shown opposite. Robust construction for driving all types of wooden fence posts, leaving the post head undamaged. Much easier and safer than using a sledge hammer. Tubular steel handles. Weight: 16kg (35lbs) Size: 5" (suitable for 3 1/2" (89mm) square posts and 4 1/2" (120mm) round posts.
Order Code: 080635

Drivall Post Drivers

Drivall Post Drivers
Makes light work of post-driving. It is quicker and far less effort than using a sledge hammer or digging with a spade.

Type 4 - Order Code: 080629
Weight: 16.5 (35lbs)
Max Square Post: 67mm (2 5/8")
Max Round Post: 95mm (3 3/4")

Type 5 - Order Code: 080630
Weight: 19.5 (43lbs)
Max Square Post: 89mm (3 1/2")
Max Round Post: 120mm (4 3/4")

Type 6A - Order Code: 080631
Weight: 25.5 (56lbs)
Max Square Post: 107mm (4 1/4")
Max Round Post: 145mm (5 3/4")

GUIDES FOR DRIVALL: It is advisable to use guides when driving in square posts as this facilitates the possibility to right the post if skewed due to stones, etc. It also avoids shaving on corners of posts.

EXTENSION HANDLES: Four foot extension handles can be attached to the existing handles of the Drivall and used for gaining height if posts are tall, eg. for deer fencing.



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