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Fencing Tools and Accessories

Fencing Ring Pliers & Hog RingsFencing Ring Pliers - For use with Delta triangular rings which close up to give about 7mm inside the formed ring. With these rings, parallel wires sit easily into the corners of the triangle. Order Code: 09FA510

Hog Rings - Boxes of 1000 (50 rings per magazine) Heavy galvanised to BS443. Order Code: 09FA03

FP222 Green Rapid Fencing Pliers  & Hogg Rings
FP222 Green Rapid Fencing Pliers -
designed specially for heavy duty VR22 hog rings. Ideal to fix somewhat thicker wire netting and chain link fencing to fence wires, the new FP222 provides secure, reliable results; can be used for both domestic and professional requirements.
Order Code: 0702222

Galvanised Hog Rings
Pack of 215 - Order Code: 0702215
Pack of 1100 - Order Code: 07021100
Pack of 1600 - Order Code: 09FA07

Stainless Hog Rings
Pack of 215 - Order Code: 0704215

Green PVC Coated Hog Rings
Pack of 215 - Order Code: 0703215
Pack of 1100 - Order Code: 07031100
Pack of 1600 - Order Code: 09FA08


Steel Netting Fastener Pliers and FastenersSteel Netting Fastener Pliers - 150mm (6") Order Code: 0702003

Standard Fasteners BZP.
Box Quantity 200. Code: 0702001
Sherardised Fasteners
Box Quantity 100. Code: 0702002

WC8 Wire CuttersWC8 Wire Cutters -
Forged centre cut jaws with carbon steel handles. Ideal for use on mild steel, soft non-ferrous metals or plastics. Size: 200mm (8") Capacity: 4mm (5/32"). Order Code: 09A002


WV12C Wire & Bolt Cutters
WV12C Wire & Bolt Cutters
- Chromium-molybdenum jaws, carbon steel drop forged handles with rubber grips. Cuts wire or bolts up to 5mm Centre Cutters Size: 300mm (12"). 09A003


FM14 Record Fencing Maul
FM14 Record Fencing Maul
- For driving home fencing posts.Size: 14lbs. Order Code: 09A006
Replacement Handles:
Order Code: 09A008


Netting Pliers
Netting Pliers - Order Code: 0702003
Netting Fasteners
Netting Fasteners - in boxes of 100
Zinc Plated - Order Code: 0702001
Sherardised - Order Code: 0702002


FP10 Fencing Pliers FP10 Fencing Pliers - Multi-purpose tool for use on fencing, incorporating several functions: Cutter, Hook, Hammer, Wire Strainer. Size: 266mm (10 1/2"). Order Code: 09A001


C7 Felco Universal Wire Cutter
C7 Felco Universal Wire Cutter
- An outstanding powerful tool for cutting up to 7mm diameter steel wire or spring wire up to 2.5mm diameter. Long lasting, quality tool suitable for manufacturers as well as general fencing work. Volute spring handle action for single hand operation. Size: 185mm (7 1/4"). Order Code: 080569

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