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Securifor® 2D Panel Fencing System

Securifor 2D Panel Fencing System

Featuring a toe and finger-proof mesh aperture, this system combines an anti-climb and anti-cut fence with excellent through visibility and resistance to vandalism.

This new panel incorporates a unique combination of increased vertical wire diameter and the incorporation of a double horizontal wire. The result is a very rigid panel, higher level of strength and security and an extremely flat panel.

Mesh Pattern 76.2mm x 12.7mm welded at each intersection
Horizontal Wires 4mm dia at 12.7mm centres on the attack face and intermittent 4mm dia double wires at 152.4mm centres on the inside face
Vertical Wires 6mm dia at 76.2mm centres
Weld Strength 75% of the minimum tensile strength of the wire
Finish Polyester coated with a galvanised substrate
Presentation Panels are butt jointed together at each post for security with a unique single drilled fixing bracket. Posts are fitted with a single row of M8 threaded inserts. Post centres at approximately 2.550m

Fence Height Panel Size H x W Weight per Panel Product Code
1.2 m   1220 x 2520 mm  35 kg 56SEC2D12
2.0 m   1985 x 2520 mm  58 kg 56SEC2D20
2.4 m   2442 x 2520 mm  71 kg 56SEC2D24
3.0 m   3048 x 2520 mm  88 kg 56SEC2D30


Securifor 2D Panel Fencing System

This is a ground breaking product offering new levels of discreet high security protection for schools, industrial and commercial premises.

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Posts & Brackets for Securifor 2D Panels

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