Steel Fencing

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Palisade Fencing

Fixing and Ordering Information

Pale Tops
Triple and Single Pointed Pale Tops
Triple Pointed                 Single Pointed

Palisade Fencing Assembly Details

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Rounded and Notched Pale Tops
Rounded                      Rounded & Notched

Pale Profiles

'D' Section                       'W' Section

Materials Thickness
'D' Section

3.0mm for General Purpose use
3.5mm for Security use
4.0mm for High Security use

 Materials Thickness
'W' Section

2.0mm for Light Duty use
2.5mm for General Purpose use
3.0mm for Security use




M8 Saddlebolt for fixing Palisade Fencing

Our pales are secured to the horizontal rail using M8 bolt and cone nuts.

M8 Saddlebolt - for fixing pales to rails. Saddlehead bolt with cone snap-off tamper-proof nut, suitable for use with general purpose and special purpose fences


We can also supply Anti-Vandal rivets and collars - code 479901

Anti-Vandal Rivets and Collarsfor fixing Palisade Fencing

Assembly of Palisade Fencing panels

Fixing Pales to make Palisade Fencing panels


M12 Bolt for fixing Palisade Fencing


M12 Bolt - for fixing horizontal rails to posts. Cup square bolt with cone snap-off tamper-proof nut, suitable for use with general purpose and special purpose fences.


When Ordering Palisade Fencing please state:

1. Type of Pale - Triple Pointed, Single Pointes, Rounded
    or Rounded and Notched

2. What Pale section - 'D' or 'W'

3. Thickness of Pale

4. Height of Pale

5. Metre run required

Bolt down posts for fixing to concrete can also be supplied.

If in doubt - talk to our sales team who will be able to help you


Ordering Gates:

We supply gates of the highest quality (BS1722), Tailor made to suit your requirements. Our sales team will need to know the following

1. Height and Type of Pales

2. Distance between posts

3. Do gates open in or out

4. Do they need to open 90° or 180°

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