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Cleft Chestnut Pale Fencing

Pales are hand-riven from sweet chestnut wood, shaved of bark, stub pointed on top and roughly triangular or half round in section. Wire used is 1.90mm diameter galvanised and each of the three line wires consists of four wires twisted together between the pales. Top wiring 6" from top of pales, bottom wiring 6" from bottom and third wire spaced approximately midway between top and bottom. One line of wiring is secured to pales with 19mm galvanised staples.

Standard Height Spacing of Pales Length of Roll Stock Code
3' 0" 3" 10 yards 080657
4' 0" 3" 10 yards 080658



Cleft Chestnut Pale Fencing

Safety Fencing

Made from semi-rigid High Density Polyethylene and having a high tensile strength enabling the fencing to be pulled taught without fear of stretching. Vertical strands are thicker giving extra stiffness and resistance to sagging. Flexible, high visibility safety fencing is the ideal choice for construction zones, hazardous areas, temporary leisure or parking locations as well as for snow-break use. The standard stock colour is orange. Green, Blue or Yellow can be supplied to order.

Roll Length: 50m     Height:1.0m     Stock Code: 080661
Fencing Pins 54" (1.37 metre)         Stock Code: 080675



Orange Safety Fencing

Green Mono Debris Netting

A cost effective durable lightweight debris netting. Not only does it protect traffic and pedestrians from falling debris, it considerably reduces rain and wind penetration whilst allowing air circulation for a better working enviroment for construction personnel.

2m x 50m       Stock Code: 080663


Square Treated Wooden Posts, Concrete Posts, Angle Iron Fencing Posts and Bent Over Arms for Barbed Wire, are available to order.



Green Mono Debris Netting

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