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Erection of Chain Link Fencing

7. Stand the roll on end with the exposed edge against the post

Erection of Chain Link Fencing

8. Pass a stretcher bar through the last row of meshes and secure to the post as indicated previously.

Erection of Chain Link Fencing

9. Unroll the chain link fencing along the line of the fence pulling the mesh as tight as possible as one moves along.


Hold the fence to the line wire using temporary tying wires or string at intervals. Fasten the mesh to each straining post in turn. Tension should be maintained during this operation. Line wires can be interwoven into chain link at the top to provide extra support.

Erection of Chain Link Fencing

10. At each change of direction of the fence, sever the roll by untwisting a spiral slightly short of the post, inserting a stretcher bar, pulling tight and bolting to the post.

Erection of Chain Link Fencing

11. To complete the fench, it is then only necessary to attach it to the line wires by tying wire. A spacing of 150mm (6in) is recommended for top wires and 450mm (1ft 6in) for middle and bottom wires.


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