Roof Edge Protection

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Roof Edge Protection - main System Parts

DEFENDER Roof Edge Protection - RE00G40 Post  

RE00G40 - Post
The RE00G40 is a 48mm diameter, 1100mm tall factory assembled upright comprising: 2 Cradles, 1 Base and an End Cap.


Galvanised Tube
With 4mm thick wall
160248H in lengths of 6.5 metres
16024820H in lengths of 2 metres

DEFENDER Roof Edge Protection - RE11G40 Counterweight   RE11G40 - Counterweight
RE11G40 is a recycled PVC moulding containing a locking collar to secure and lock the Roof Edge Tube in position. The counterweight is slim and deemed a low trip hazard.

DEFENDER Roof Edge Protection - RE12G40 Run-End Counterweight

This part is supplied loose for site assembly

  RE12G40 - Run End Counterweight
RE12G40 is a double counterweight assembly which is used in conjunction with all end posts on installations with "free ends"

DEFENDER Roof Edge Protection - 16125D 90° Elbow  


16125D - 90° Elbow
16125D provides a means to change direction at 90o without bending the tube.

DEFENDER Roof Edge Protection - 16131D Wall Flange   16131D - Wall Flange
16131D provides an alternative method of finishing a run of guardrail by fixing to the wall.

DEFENDER Roof Edge Protection - 16149D Sleeve Joint   16149D - Sleeve Joint
16149D are used to connect adjoining handrail sections together.

Roof Edge Protection Assembly

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